TPD’s V-Blades are manufactured in Hutchinson, KS and all development and testing work is done in Kansas, Colorado and Oklahoma. Shield Agricultural Equipment is the only manufacturer that continues to design, develop and manufacture V-Blades in the territory where they are used. All V-blades are 100% built and inspected on factory certified Frogs to assure proper fitup and long wear-life.

Subsoilers & CRP

Does your conversion tillage yield improvement program include Subsoiling or Disc/Ripping to relieve compaction zones and improve soil tilth? TPD carries CRP Points that are designed to:

  • Relieve soil compaction zones for yield improvement

  • Improve soil tilth to increase nutrient availability and root uptake

  • Produce a subsoil profile that assures improved root penetration

  • Assure moisture retention in the driest conditions

  • Provide fracture and lift with little surface disruption or “slabbing”

  • Provide “black dirt” planting strips as needed for soil warming

  • Allow flexibility in running depth

  • Scour up, pull easy and flow soil around the shank to reduce wear

  • Provide long wear life in the widest variety of soil conditions

Our unique design allows us to use solid 25% chrome carbide for all of the wear surfaces with mounting boots that are designed to fit most makes and models of disc rippers and subsoilers.


The C34-SP Heavy-Duty Chisel Spike reduces “sledding” on disc chisels and standard chisels with shank angles less than 50 degrees! It’s designed to flow soil above the mounting bolts so they do not wear out before the Chrome Carbide Point. Our C34-SP Chisel Spike self-sharpens as it wears, using a massive Chrome Carbide Point. It also has excellent initial penetration in a wide variety of soil conditions.

26" Sweeps

ShieldAg Sweeps with Surfa-Shield®

Shield Agricultural Equipment’s 26” sweeps (“fallow-king”, “fallow-master”) have been an industry leader for over 20-years. Shield continues to be the only manufacturer of 26” sweeps using 5/16” Boron Steel and Surfa-Shield® wear protection on the wings, nose AND stem, for maximum wear-life and smooth, weed free fields.

Field Cultivator Sweeps with Surfa-Shield®

 ¼” FCC4-SST-series clipped wing (true width) 2-bolt sweeps are manufactured with Surfa-Shield on the cutting edges, nose and stem, for maximum wear-life 

Surfa-Shield Part #                    Width

FCC4-SST09                              9”

FCC4-SST10                              10”

FCC4-SST11                              11”

FCC4-SST12                              12”

Milo Guards

Our Milo guards are manufactured in Hutchinson, KS using high-strength domestic steels, automated welding equipment and powder-coat paint, for maximum durability on straight-cut auger or draper grain platforms.

Planter Blades

TPD carries top-of-the-line OEM replacement planter blades and manufactures our own line of high-durability precision blades with high-strength cast steel machined housings. Our Acra-Plant notched retrofit planter blade line allows users to convert to no-till in the toughest residue conditions.

Drill Discs

TPD carries a full line of grain drill opener blades for most makes and models. All blades are high-quality 3.5 or 4mm thick Boron steel, and bearing caps are fully machined, not stamped steel, for long life and a true-running pair on your grain drill. Available in 13-1/2”, 14”, 15” and 18” for most box-style grain drills and air seeders.

Chrome Sweeps

We carry a broad selection of Chrome Carbide Field Cultivators and Sweeps. This includes standard 1-hole (OK-style) Danish and Kongskilde 2-hole points and sweeps for Consertine shanks. Acra-Tuff Alloy Danish Tynes and Field Cultivator points/sweeps will outlast stamped steel parts by 3 to 5 times!

Fertilizer Knives

With over 500 individual part numbers, ShieldAg makes the broadest range of fertilizer knives in the industry, with high quality heat-treated materials and chrome carbide points. Shield introduces knife-product improvements every year, and offers tube configurations for any type of fertilizer, fumigant, adjunct or stabilizer on the market.